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Do more of what makes you happy

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Welcome to a world of belief where everything is possible.

Elevated Minds LLC

Elevated Minds LLC is focused on making an impact on the world.

Elevated Minds LLC

We offer an array of services to help you along the way in business. Your vision is our mission.

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Those who aren’t defined by a vision of the future are left with memories of the past. So, choose to build a vision of the self you want to embody, and construct habits that support that future self.

11000 W McNichols RD Detroit, MI 48221


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James Scott

When I had my consultation I was seemingly struggling with sales in sale for insurance and now i have maintained a consistent increase, I am so excited about the new sales course you are launching...sign me up

Smiling Girl

Christine Fregus

Please share your technique, a lady who took your sales course works at my job, she is doing better then she has ever done her sales were increasing everyday, she smiled way more and attitude was inspiring made me ask what happen, She sent me to your website, whatever you did for her can you do for me?

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